The Cutting Edge of Advertising

We got our advertising annual in at work this week, so like I do with all the design annuals, I sat down to sketch the major themes, and like I did with our last one, I used my Samsung Galaxy Note. Below are the major themes in advertising this year, as I see them.

Really, when is that not a theme?

I’m actually pretty fond of this one. But I can’t tell if it’s because of superior design, or because this is a picture of my awesome boyfriend.

No joke, there actually was a campaign highlighted in the annual where a clothing company disguised their pants as whiskey. To what end I do not know. Pants are basically the opposite of whiskey.

Of course it is. When will making fun of how stupid girl stuff is ever get old?

One thing I’ve noticed about the Note is that it can be more difficult to sketch on just because I’m worried about leaning my hand on it. If it were any bigger, it would be ungainly since I’d have to hover my hand and wrist over the drawing surface. As it is, it’s really only my hand that I have to keep away from the screen. It didn’t bother me when I first started drawing on the phone. Maybe I just wasn’t drawing as much back then, but you’ll see that some of these lines are a little shaky. That’s from me holding my hand over the phone and not having much leverage on the pen.

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