Stripes and Clogs

I’m still sick. I took the day off today (Monday) and played Skyrim and slept. So I have nothing exciting or interesting to share except that I feel a little bit better. I’ve noticed that the only way to soothe my sore throat is warm liquids, so I need to find some sort of beer helmet that makes and dispenses tea at regular intervals.

Patent pending

Pepper’s been an excellent sick day companion. Except that she’s sort of a blanket hog.

Oh, and Ben brought home giant cupcakes. Because when bad things happen, we get treats. I’m sure that’s not a habit that will come back to haunt us.

Striped red shirt is from Macy’s
Maroon sweater vest is from Target
Striped skirt is from Target
Tights are from Many Hands Trading Company in Corvallis, OR
Leg warmers are from Target
Dansko clogs are from REI

UPDATE: After I scheduled this to post, Ben made us a delicious chicken and garlic pasta dish for dinner, which I promptly threw the hell up. I do not recommend application of stomach acid to a day long sore throat. It was painful. Needless to say, my cupcake remains uneaten. But, I feel miles better this morning (Tuesday), if a little shaky from having thrown up the majority of the solid food I ate yesterday. Due to my own cooking prowess I had tea and toast for breakfast, and microwave tomato soup for lunch. And I had to make the toast twice because I completely burnt the first round. In my defense, we make our toast in the oven since the toaster is broken. So it’s a lot easier to fuck up than toaster toast.