I’m Scared, Goat Button

Tomorrow will be day two of my ‘wearing Andy’s shirts’ spree. Today it was the ‘fat boys rule’ harley davidson t-shirt. Next is the ‘I don’t eat my friends’ shirt with a guy on it hugging a bunch of animals. I’ve coveted this shirt since I first saw it, like four years ago. At the time, I thought he got it partly coz he’s a vegetarian, and partly because the guy on the front looked like him, but I just found out that the guy on the front is a cartoonization of this vegan holocaust survivor who dated his mom and made him put fruit juice on his kashi. Go figure.

About the title of this entry: Marleena, Mary, Mike, Andy and I hung out tonight and last night, and tonight at dinner, I discovered that squeezing Andy’s left man-boob prompted him to make a goat sound, therefore Andy’s left boob is a goat button. Anyway, the madness progressed until I was calling Andy goat button. Later, I thought I would inform him of my emotional state, and that’s what came out of my mouth.