Can’t Fail

I had this song stuck in my head all last night.

… And what a fucker of a night it was. Jonno and Sam picked me up at about 7 and drove like a maniac until we found a western union where the clerk thought F was a direction, I sang, Jonno farted, we got the money and booked out to HB. Mike got a new tatto, I miss needles. Novia’s birthday is gonna rock like a motherfucker! Went grocery shopping at save-on, saw this guys pierced cock, but only really quickly. Got coffee and then started yelling at some army bitch coz he was bothering Marleenas girlfriend for wearing her fatigues after she got discharged. I pointed out his flawed logic and he ran away.

Afterwards, everybody said I had been uncharacteristically calm. Matt was there, he just hung out and talked about cars with this girl, I think it’s love. We hung out with other-mike and Dan for a while after everyone left, talking about past injurys, and how fucking hilarious they are. Dan is much more entertaining then the rest of us. After that, Angel rolled up, and I convinced Dan to give him a ride to his friends house coz it was like one in the morning, and I was worried nazis might get him or something. We watched Dan drive off down Beach with Angels’ wheelchair skidding all around the back of his truck, then I bought everybody soda and we went home. I watched jackass, made collages featuring emaciated vougue models and left a message for my boss that I’d be an hour late to work.

I totally woudn’t have even come today, but I’m having lunch with the dean of the library (big boss). I’m so fucking tired and everything hurts.