I’d Die

So this weekend was interesting. Committee shit got me all butt hurt, but instead of sulking, Jono, Mary, Andy, Mike, Megan, Novia, this guy named James and I went to the movies. Well, we started out going to the movies, but ended up at Ruby’s on the Pier, loosing Andy and Mike along the way. I was really happy to be near the water, but it was dark and being on the pier is a lot different from being on the shore, for one thing you can’t hear the ocean, and I was sick, so I couldn’t smell it, and it was a little like a placebo. Anyway, after rubies Novia and Megan went home, and the rest of us went to the theater. I saw Monster with Marleena while everybody else saw Starsky and Hutch (which I’m holding out to see with Ben). Monster is really good, but quite a downer, and I cried a lot. After the movie I went back to Mary’s house where we watched the Simpsons and fell asleep.

On Sunday, Mary and I went to Andy’s where we made spaghetti for a fund raiser that night, and we totally overestimated how long it would take to make spaghetti, and had about four or five extra hours left, so we watched Road Trip, and porn and played Jenga, I lost every time. The porn was hilarious, there was a scene in it where a very sexy female ‘doctor’ decided she just had to fuck big foot ‘in the name of science’, and got all kinda covered in the body paint that he had all over himself. The best part: at the moment of climax, Bigfoot, who’s never had any contact with humans at all, yells “oh fuck I’m cuming”. I never laughed so hard.

This is going to make me feel pretty stupid, because Ben just came in and was like “Oh, you’re writing in your livejournal, that’s cool as long as you don’t bitch about how much your life sucks”, but my life kinda sucks right now. Maybe there’s something in the air or whatever but I’ve been pretty stressed out and depressed lately, most of it is probably about money and not sleeping right and the fact that I can’t seem to shake this sickness (sore throat, runny nose, racking cough, possibly related random vomiting). Money is the most stressful thing, I was supposed to live in the dorms with my same roommate next year, but her parents are getting her a one bedroom, and I’m not about to risk roommate selection again, so I need a place to live for next year, but of course everyting in orange county is twice what it would be anywhere else, and minimum wage still stays the same, so I’m thinking about getting a car with a big backseat over the summer and living in that, or if my dad comes thru, just taking his buick and letting him have the camero (he really wants it), living in the buick, and doing homework in the all night study center, and taking showers at friends houses. This way I have transportation and a place to sleep, which is all the dorm is anyway. I don’t know if it’s going to work or not, I’m also considering buying a good car (the kind with a warranty)and just committing from Kate’s house in Glendora, and paying her parents rent or something since I’ll be there all the time. I don’t know, stressing about this is really dumb because there’s nothing I can do about it at this point in time, and my entry is getting really long, so I’ll just end with this: If I wanted anything more than I want a cigarette right now, I’d die. DIE.