I wanna get off the ride now

So this weekend, was the one day of this month that I was able to go home, and The last week really really blew, I was trying to stay at work and school, even though I was really sick, and really tired, and two days out of the week, I ended up crying for no reason whatsoever. But Friday night, I finally made it home, and I’d missed it so much, and I was sooo happy.

Sheryl and I watched ’13’. At first I didn’t want to, because I thought that it would be sad and stupid, but it wasn’t at all. Actually, it turned out to be a very accurate, well developed narrative, and I’d advise anyone to see it. In the morning, no one was awake so I cleaned my house, and now it’s purty. The part that sucked was that Kate and Tyler and I didn’t get to hang out at all, but Tyler and I had a really great talk on the drive over to Garden Grove. I started out thinking that this weekend sucked as much as this week, but I stand corrected, it was actually pretty good, and now Ben is here, and we’re going to watch tv.