For To Watching The Simpsons

Ben says that there is a judge in Oregon who is issuing same sex marriage licenses in addition to the judge in San Francisco, and the court ruling in Massachusetts. Emily said that when someone asked Schwarzenegger what he thought about gay marriage he said “it’s fine with me”, like he had no say in the matter, so he is good for something after all. And yes, this is how I get my news. Now that this is starting to look like it’s catching, I’m really grateful to our idiot president for attempting to change the constitution, because before people were kind of thinking that gay marriage would happen in time, but now that jerk-face in the white house has pulled this stunt, all the people that believe in gay rights have started to mobilize, and thank god our side is the educated one.

Other than national news nothing much is happening lately. I’ve been really tired and have some kind of stomach thing which has been causing me to puke lots in the mornings, which sounds bad, but it is most likely just birth control side effects teamed up with stress and little sleep.

Hopefully later tonight Mary, Marleena, Ben and I will be seeing Juliette Lewis and the Licks here on campus. Thankfully, my class was canceled and I won’t have to cut out early like I was going to. Even if no one else can come, I’ll just go see it alone.

Good thing of the moment: Ben let me borrow his tank girl comic book. He has the whole first chapter, and it’s really fucking cool.

P.S. + W.Y.F.?! : So I turned on the T.V. for to watching the Simpsons, and there in my t.v. is Hanson, singing that mmmbop song I hated soooo much all those several years ago, just to prove that it still sucks.