Adventure Weekend Across Socal

so I’m sitting in this wacked out Chinese restaurant somewhere in Fullerton. I ordered a veggie sub, and I got this wierdo thing that looked like chicken feed and burned like hell, but it cleared out my sinuses, so it’s not a total loss.

How I got here: k, so we were at Noah’s in Pasadena, and he was all like “you guys can sleep here”, but there wasn’t any space coz his house is under construction, so we went to jonnos but he was like “my parents suck”, and so we couldn’t sleep there, so we found this shit hotel called the willotree in, Cara and I acted like we were getting a room for just the two of us, and then the 7 others came up, and we hung out, and the smokers smoked a lot, and then we slept. I was sick, and felt like shit, but it was fun, god that hotel is a piece of shit. So now we’re here for breakfast, and we’re all broke coz we spent all our money on the hotel, but I’ll either eat in cypress at the planning meeting or beg somebody with a job to buy me some grub.