Could You Die?

I know I could… and I mean from fucking bliss!!!

Ok so, long story short: On a whim, I e-mailed the wonderful, fabulous, drag queen podcaster Wanda Wisdom a link to one of my shows ( 55: Flaunters and Flaunting) and asked her opinion. I thought she’s a busy gal, might as well try, it’s cool if I don’t hear back etc. Well, this was yesterday and today she e-mailed me and really sweet e-mail and commented me a really sweet comment and I just about shit rainbows of happiness! I was in my African American literature class when I read the comment, we were talking about David Walker‘s tragic death and I started grinning like a fool in love. Then I got her awesome e-mail and she asked if she could play some of my show on her show, and I was totally swept away, of course I said yes and laid myself prostrate as if in front of a goddess! Also today, I read some poetry-type stuff in class and the Prof. said it was really good, how can this get better?? I don’t know, but it did, Evie posted a comment that 59: You’re Always Talking About Vag. may be my best show ever and now I sound totally full of myself don’t I? It was the perfect perfect end to a day that I spent the beginning of feeling shitty and low-self-esteem-y. I just about believe in Jesus this day is so good. Oh, and I almost shit my pants (for real real, not for play play), but that story’s going to be in my next show.