An Entire Week of Sick

Ben got sick last Wednesday, I finally joined him around Friday and we are both. still. sick. The skin is flaking off the bottom of my nose, this morning I woke up with one eye swollen half shut for no apparent reason, and it still kind of hurts, even though the swelling’s gone down. I’m having terrible sneezing attacks where every 20 minutes or so, I break out into violent, consecutive sneezes that last for 5 to 7 sneezes and I have to grab onto things to keep myself from falling over.

This actually happened:

At the time of this writing, I feel a lot better than I have in several days, despite the sinus pressure, sneezing and a new-found terrible, hacking, sludge producing cough. I may even go to work tomorrow, although I made a mistake by going Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I have a feeling that if I’d taken Tuesday off, I wouldn’t be this bad now. To be honest, part of what’s motivating me to go into the office is because I’ve run out of tissues here, I have another box there, and they have a machine that will make my tea for me. At this point, if I have to manually assemble one more cup of tea, I may self-immolate. Although it does seem a little silly to put on real clothes and drive an hour each way just for a tea machine.

Another thing that’s happening right now is our WIFI has died. Ben is as unconcerned as I’ve ever seen him when it comes to broken tech stuff, but that may be the sickness talking. I, on the other hand, spend way more time on my phone and my tablet than I do on the computer (especially since I’m sick), and I’m basically losing my shit. We have no reception in the house, and I need my WIFI, dammit.

Also, Pepper has not been getting her usual 3 miles of daily walking, and she’s actually being really good considering, but I can tell it’s stressing her out. She seems to be confused that we’ve been home during the day. I think that she thinks something exciting will happen, like on the weekends where we take her on at least 1 long walk, hike, or field trip (like to grandma’s or whatever) every weekend. But instead we try to sleep, or sit on the couch like lumps and whimper into our tissues. And so she digs the tissues out of the trash, or barks at the neighbors, or whatever other shit she’s not supposed to do, and then she gets in trouble.

On top of that our stove broke in the middle of cooking dinner last night, and this morning my management company tried to tell me it would take 3-5 days for someone to even come and look at the stove. I had a massive conniption, and (without being mean) had a working stove by 2 p.m. After the car, the sickness, the WIFI, and a series of other little incidents where I’ve done nothing wrong and still had a shitty time of things (first world problems so hard right now, I know) I just decided that the stove was not going to be another thing I’d have to accept. So I bitched until they fixed it. And then I called them and thanked them politely. Because I AM A FUCKING LADY.

Aw crap, it’s Dec. 31st and I’m sitting here adding this to all my posts because I said I’d have it here until the end of the year and I didn’t. I suck I know. Still, support Planned Parenthood because they’re amazing and the things they do are awesome.