Adulthood Tips and Tricks: Things I’ve Learned So Far

two seniors streching before a hike
“I love being a grown-up.” “Me fucking too!”

I’m only 27, and a lot of people would still consider me very much a young one. But I’ve picked up some tricks in the last 9 years of legal adulthood that I think might benefit the average reader. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks in the comments, as I am sure I missed quite a few.

  • Speak English (or whatever language you speak):
    The ability to articulate ourselves is one of the most amazing and underused human talents. Chances are you speak the same language as whomever you’re dealing with. Take advantage of that! Want something done or not done, say so! Like somebody? Tell them! It’s not that hard, just open your mouth and talk in a respectful manner at a reasonable volume. Other people have a right to speak in plain English as well, so don’t be freaked out when they have things they want or don’t want or have to say.
  • Dress the Part:
    It took me a long time to realize that people couldn’t tell who I was just by looking at me and talking to me for a few minutes. I had to give them some hints. If you want people to think you’re competent, dress like a competent person would dress. Showing up at an office job in a shitty outfit broadcasts to people that you don’t care, and that is the opposite of what you want to do if you actually care about your job. If you actually don’t care, stay as you are.
  • Be Polite, Even to Assholes:
    When talking to someone I dislike, I try to imagine someone who’s opinion I value walking into the room mid-conversation. If the newcomer wouldn’t be able to tell who the jerk is, than I need to tone it down. It doesn’t always work, I have a legendary number of foot to mouth situations in my lifetime, but the image of someone else viewing my conversation from the outside often keeps me on the straight and narrow. Where I still get into trouble today is trying to be polite but also speak in plain English. It’s very hard for me to tell someone I’m upset in a calm manner and draw boundaries when I’m upset. Which makes it fortunate that English is a 24 hour language. So I can tell them later, when I’m better.
  • Sleep, Food, Exercise and Fun are Essential:
    Without these things in quality (not necessarily quantity, although that’s usually a good bet as well) life ceases to have meaning.

What are your Adulthood Tips and Tricks?