2015 Thanksgiving Twitter Hall of Fame

This is something I do every year for the holidays. I collect the funniest and most interesting tweets from around the Internet into Halls of Fame. I only use public tweets, but if you’re tweet is on here and you want me to take it down, just let me know at @marinaisgo and I’ll take it down no questions.

We got a pretty great crop this year from a precursor to horror…


…to a budding Neighborhood Watch captain


How long is it going to be live though?

“Oh, I see you two already know each other. You can sit together!”

I’m going to need some detail on that tail wearing situation.

I have a feeling I know what old dude is thankful for.

While it is wrong to try and fight the children, I do have to wonder why y’all are standing so close together.

Well, as long as you warned that ho.