I’m still trying to make business crying a thing.

It’s basically a part of my schedule now.

I can’t be the only small business owner in the world who breaks down crying 2/3rd through the quarter every quarter.

I’ve actually come to rely on it. Things are difficult and stressful, and I’m working a lot, even as my productivity is going downhill, so finally I just breakdown crying, either alone or with Ben, never in public or with clients (to clarify: I don’t business cry in public. I regular cry in public all the time, although I never regular cry with clients. And yes, they are two different things.) But after the crying, I just stand up and go back to work and I usually make good, clear-headed decisions about how to avoid what made me cry in the first place, and I go on to the next quarter where something else will have me business crying 2 months in like clockwork.

My company grows one crying fit at a time, and I’m totally cool with that.

2 Replies to “I’m still trying to make business crying a thing.

  1. Sounds to me like you need a holiday away from work, l know how hard it can be to step back from work, particularly when you are the work. But take it from me, as l has gotten older one thing I now do is ” fuck it ” take a break it pays you back 10 fold in stress relief. Stress is a real, It is a dark slow, relentless crushing of spirt, happiness and sanity.
    You need a holiday , and I bet Ben needs a break 😉

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