What I Wore: Preppy Adorable

The camera’s battery died, so tonight we have our outfit pictures thanks to my boyfriend’s Samsung Vibrant. Thanks Samsung!


Oh, and I got the title for this post from my co-workers, who said it was a ‘preppy adorable,’ but adorable in Spanish rather than adorable in English. Am I even spelling that right? God, I am a terrible Mexican.


I know, it looks like I think I’m the messiah, but it’s the best picture of the outfit.



Messing around




And to make up for the poor pictures, here’s another video where I awkwardly interact with the camera, as if I am a child.



Shirt is a thrift store find
Tie is a thrift store find
Skirt is a thrift store find that I had since I was 12. It’s basically my favorite garment of all time. The only tag that hasn’t been completely washed blank is the ILGWU “UNION MADE” tag. Thanks unions!
Belt is from Lohman’s
socks are from Target
Shoes are Dansko, bought at REI
Ring is from Kohl’s.

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  1. YES MARINA! Adorable doesn’t even begin to describe this one. I love your poses almost as much as life itself. You rule.

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