this sucks

Things I love about college:
1. Professors are smart, creative and all around awesome
2. Class curriculum is stimulating and insightful, if a tad too ‘dead white men’ for my taste.
3. Assignments matter to me and actually help me to learn more about things that I care about
4. I like that I’m learning useful information
5. I feel empowered because I’m doing it on my own
6. I gain confidance because I am treated with respect

Things I hate about college:
1. Kids who have no idea how priviledged they are to be here
2. Kids who just wanna drink
3. Kids who think that they know everything
4. Kids who dont have a job and just leach off their parents, then act like it’s soooo hard to not fail
5. Kids who only do anything if it makes them look good
6. Kids who think that going to college makes them grown ups

Lately, it seems that the only people I can talk to are the people I know who have jobs and responsibilities and bills to pay. I’m done fucking around with these kids. Everytime I try to talk to thier asses, I feel like I’m in middle school again. I suppose there’s a lot of jealousy that I can’t just fuck around too, but there’s also a lot of saddness because I don’t fit in here and I never will. I’m the wierd fish in the rich white republican pond. What really sucks is that since I’ve been getting involved with the liberal activist community on campus, I don’t fit in with them either, and I think it’s because I don’t see evidence of them ever having to struggle, and that makes their contribution to the movement one of solidarity, but never of understanding, and yet they are the ones running shit, and they only have half of the picture. I don’t feel like I fit in anywhere in this place. I always feel like I’m the only one in the room that no one knows, and I’m used to knowing everyone.

Whatever, it’s probably just because I didn’t have to make any friends here because I have friends in the area, and it’s comming back to bite me in the ass because everybody’s had to make friends while I didn’t, and they all know each other and I don’t.