The Sun Is Your Friend

It seems like every summer, we get the same speech, especially here in Sunny Southern California, where sunbathing on pool loungers is not just a hobby, but a way of life. ?The sun is bad?, they tell us, ?cover yourself in sunscreen?, they say! Fortunately for us sunbathers, there?s new evidence that the sun is actually good for you.

Recent studies have shown that regular and moderate exposure to sunlight can prevent certain kinds of cancer, strengthen your bones, and even make you happier. Of course, overexposure can cause damage that would outweigh the benefits, but about thirty minutes in the sun will stimulate your body to produce vitamin D, which boosts your immune system and is linked to the recent findings regarding cancer prevention.

There are ways to sunbathe safely that will maximize the benefits while minimizing the risks. You don?t have to burn in order to get your body to start producing vitamin D. In fact, doctors in notoriously overcast Britain have their vitamin D-deficient patients walk out of doors even when it?s overcast because they receive better benefits by doing this than they would by sitting in front of a special sun-lamp.

People especially at risk for skin cancer, who would be people with a history of skin cancer in their families, or with especially fair skin and hair, would do well to stay in the shade of a sun umbrella, which can be purchased from any patio furniture store.

Safe sunbathers must eat healthy, natural foods which assist the body in processing it?s exposure. Sunbathe progressively, for a few minutes at a initially, and then gradually more each day. Be aware of your body, burnt skin will feel abnormally hot, look red or become abnormally sensitive.

If you are very sun-sensitive, prop your feet up on an ottoman and try to expose only your legs and arms at first. If you are fairly sun-tolerant, lay out on a lounge and keep a timer nearby to ensure that you spend equal time on your back as on your stomach. In the summer, try to stay out of the mid-day sun as it is much stronger than it is during the winter. Safe-sunbathing, if done responsibly can ensure good health, mentally and physically for years to come, in addition to providing a relaxing hobby year round.