Ohanna Means Family

okay. The Secret Service impounded my truck. Those bastards. Apparently Bush came to riverside and the truck was suspect coz nobody knew where it came from. Fucking cock. It’s going to cost $500 but I’ll make that back when I sell the stupid shit box.

In other news, I met a straight edge communist who smokes, drives a camero and “hates niggers”, his words not mine. I started yelling at him and left our little outting early. What a bitch.I fucking hate hypocracy.

At lease I got to go home this weekend, if only for one night. Seriously, my garage and the house it’s attached to are the only palces in the world I like right now. Everyplace else is bad or indifferent. It’s kind of ironic that I spent all the years I lived in that town for highschool hating it, and now that I got away, all I want to do is get back. I guess that’s becuase it’s my home now and Kate and Sheryll and Tim and Lois are kinda my family.

So, before this turns into Lilo and Stitches, the drug version, I’m gonna go to bed. Gunnight