Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Bad *Butch* Mom

Diamonds? Blech. Flowers? God Damnit.

Having trouble figuring out what to get your butch-as-fuck mama this Mother’s Day holiday?

Don’t worry, baby, I will take care of you. Welcome to your Mother’s Day shopping phantasmagoria, gurl.

Tie of the Month Club
Tie bar will send your mommy one tie a month for $199.

Classic Lesbian Fiction
Beebo Brinker, the iconic 1962 lesbian pulp novel can be delivered to your door in two days child.

A Model Car Kit
Every bad ass butch was once a little girl who was not allowed to play with model cars.

Pregnant Butch
Remember the good, if awkward times of your birth! Or, if you’re adopted, this can be a fascinating window into what if feels like to contribute to overpopulation.

The difference between being a child and being an adult is the difference between being sad to get socks as a gift and being fucking ecstatic. Sock dreams has an epic selection, free shipping anywhere in the US, and gift cards from $10 to $100.