Kill Your Family

I’m so fucking sick of people assuming that a) nuclear families are the natural basis of all societies ever, b) nuclear families are the absolute best way to live and grow c)everyone wants to be in a nuclear family!

People often insist that someday, I’ll come to myself, and suddenly long to legally bind myself to another in a ceremony derived from an organized religion I’ve had nothing to do with, and thereafter become veritably giddy about the a quasi-parasite whose development culminates in my pussy exploding. I remain unconvinced.

I feel like I just shot my ear off in a loosing game of Russian roulette, and all these cheery nurses are crowded around my hospital bed telling me that I’ll just spin the barrel harder next time. Fuck that shit.

Look here: Anyone reading this knows that I don’t give a fat shit what you do to yourself. But there are so many of these nuclear-nicks out there on all sides of every issue, making the aforementioned assumptions, and scoffing at the rest of us that don’t choose their path, and passing legislation, writing manifestos that leave us out.

These people assume that single parent households are failed nuclear families, that no one, given the choice would live without a spouse. People generally accept the argument that no 2nd parent is better than a bad 2nd parent, but they go on from there to assume that the goal of the single parent who has fled a bad partner is to find a good partner for the good of the child. Seriously, fuck that shit.

Society itself is so nuclear family oriented that we have no way to think about ourselves and our lives except in relation to this imposed ultimate goal. Why is it that single parents who long to have another adult assist them with their child don’t move in with each other and form a community based around the care of their collective children?

I don’t know shit about families and children. I know about me, and in my limited experience, time after time my family of choice is head and shoulders more helpful and useful to me than my family of origin. Despite this, if I were to get hit by a car tomorrow, and found myself in a coma, my mother, who does not know me, and would never put my will above her own would have my power of attorney rather than the tens of people far more qualified than her.

We in America put far too much weight on the biological connection between individuals who may otherwise be complete strangers to one another.