Hey Hey Hey

First order of business, there’s a Green party meet-up ()Across the world in different areas, so click on this link if you are a green and get involved.

Second order of business, I hate this dorm, I cannot sleep here, there’s no one I know here, and it is fucking boring and awful and I wanna go home. Hopefully it will get better when classes start again next week, and I’ll be too busy to think and all the people I know will be back again, but right now it’s cold and it sucks.

Third, I am so jealous of people who live in San Fransico because they have so much community actvism up there like co-ops and craft nights and punk rock breakfasts and we got diddly squat down here. I would totaly start some community shit, but there’s just way too much work for one person, and I wouldn’t have any idea where to start without help. If anyone wants to help me do some community acivism, or has some ideas let me know, I’m up for anything from feeding the homeless to informing the public. What I really want to do is make some friends and do some grassroots charity, you know.