Facebook Friends: Craftiness



It’s always funny to me the things people do for themselves without having any concept of their value. Crafting is like that for me. Until today it hadn’t occurred to me that my crafting posts would resonate with somebody. It’s almost like I’ve been saying ‘this is the thing I did instead of writing a blog.’

I’m so glad you wrote this. Now I can add some instructions that won’t be total bullshit. Even though I put instructions on the bag weaving, some craft posts like the sperm amigurumi have no instructions. That project was so random, it would probably be one sentence: Crochet a sperm shape.

I tend to craft with wild abandon. Patterns piss me off. But now that I know someone likes the craft posts, there will be more and they will be less terrible. I don’t think anybody’s ever going to get anything like stitch counts out of me, but there will be more details than there currently are.

I haven’t crafted anything new since yesterday, but I did come across this box:



It’s just the standard box a store will give you when you buy a cheapish necklace or a pair of earrings. I used painters tape to reinforce the corners on the lid, then I painted a simple pattern, and sealed with about 3 layers of Mod Podge.

I kept my Bluetooth earpiece in it inside my messy purse for about two years with minimal wear and tear. If I’d used the same corner reinforcement techniques on all the edges and corners, especially the base of the box, it would be in near-perfect condition. As it stands, I don’t keep anything in it right now, but that could always change.