A Brief But Passionate Note on Your Basic Human Value

I want to say something about authenticity, and I’ll probably say it wrong; but I don’t have time for perfect people. Frequently, I feel like strangers are put off by how open I am about what’s going on with me. Sometimes I am too open about it, but I’m not here to be perfect. I am here to learn, and if me sharing my learning process with you makes you think less of me, that’s a you problem.

This note isn’t directed at anyone more than myself. The new year can be very difficult, with the media forcing this idea of (not quite so) attainable perfection that I should waste precious resources working toward when what’s really important to me has nothing to do with how I look, or how my stuff looks, or even whether or not I have stuff at all.

A weightloss ad with the original words edited to say New Year fuck you, try the latest bullshit weightloss plan - look and feel inadequate. Who you are is not enough!

My value can not be quantified in kitchen cleanliness, weight lost or gained, P&L Statements, or even the number or importance of my friends, no matter how one measures importance. My value is illusive, eternal, and completely apart from this world now, or at any point in the future.

And I don’t want to tell you your business, but your value is very much the same. Exactly the same, in fact.

You have basic human value. Basic human value is the only true value. Every human has it, and it can only be diminished when we ourselves decide to trade real value for a false value.

False value is finite, concrete, and it adds weight to your shoulders and stress to your life. Because unlike real value, it can be lost forever. Quickly or slowly; but either way: easily.

For real value to come back to you, all you have to do is pick it up again.

Don’t let people who have tricked themselves into a bad trade trick you into it too. Fuck this New Year New You bullshit. New Year You You. You’re the only you you have.