Nobody answered. Nobody at all.

I’m so fucking tired. I haven’t been sleeping well. As usual, I know. But it’s so hard to write anything right now. Ferguson seems all consuming.

And you know I’m getting 90% of my news from Twitter, so half of it is better than the major news outlets, and the other half is only helpful for making and keeping me angry. I love twitter like my own toes, life would seriously suck without it, but sometimes it’s real-timeyness just makes me feel overwhelmed.

Closer to home, one of Ben’s friends passed away this weekend.

In the context of these two events, what could I possibly have to say about anything?

On the other hand. I have an entire post about the synonyms for cunnilingus. I have a feeling that this bout of existential writer’s block is probably not going to last much longer than it takes for me to pull my head out of my ass.

So, see you guys tomorrow, I guess.