Yes, I’m Talking To You

Dear Mr. Pope,

I heard on NPR today that your Papacy would be about love, and I seemed to remember that you were the same man who, as a cardinal, wrote the Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons. I seem to recall you writing in your letter that although violence was icky, if violent acts should be perpetrated against homosexual people, “neither the church nor society at large should be surprised when other distorted notions and practices gain ground and irrational and violent reactions increase.” In other words, if queers get killed it’s essentially our fault that we allowed such distortions to take hold in society.

Listen Mr. Pope, I know that you have a job to do, and a religion to protect. I also know that you know that you do not, and will not enforce, or even attempt to enforce all the ridiculous rules your religion is based on. You yourself are a sinner in your own clandestine eyes if that were the case. You cut your beard (Leviticus 19:27), you support divorce, and if you read the tag on you’re nice pope dress there, I’m sure that it’s not all made out of the same fabric, even though it’s a sin if it’s not (Leviticus 19:19). Why aren’t you waging a war on female teachers (I timothy 2:12)? or shrimp fishers (Leviticus 11:7)? In other words what’s your problem?

Actually, shut up, I don’t care about what your problems are, you’re obviously fucked up in the head. Anyone who used to be Hitler Youth probably is, but you’d think that all those evenings spent marching up and down, and unknowingly supporting the genocide of millions would have taught you a thing or two about hate, and what it does to entire societies. Obviously not.

Well, at least let me ask you one thing. Please, please Mr. Pope, if you are going to lie to us, lie to us about being sinners, lie to us about condoms being a tool of the devil. We’ll figure out those ones out. I think you know this one already, but the truth is, Mr. Pope, that we all want to be loved. And we all want to believe that God loves us, and sometimes we feel like so much shit that we can’t just ask him ourselves, we can’t have a personal relationship with God because people like you and yours have taught us that we’re not good enough to know our own higher power, and it’s not true, but for all the people out there that don’t know that yet, Let us alone, Mr. Pope, please. Stop trying to tell us that your campaign is about love, because it’s not and it never will be if you keep on like this. Some people want love so bad that they’ll take anything as long as you tell them you love them, but I’m not one of those people today Mr. Pope, and I’m not going to let you shit on my head and tell me it raining. Your campaign is about hate and guilt, but My God will forgive you for it, even if Your God won’t forgive me.