What I Wore: Sailor Fatty

Grandma’s been in the hospital since Friday. She’s past the worst of it, and well on her way to recovery, but I’ve been running myself ragged trying to get all of my normal things done and stay on top of contacting the hospital and talking to each nursing shift, as well as sharing info with my Uncle and other friends and family members. I’m exhausted. So this is an outfit post I probably would rather have left on the cutting room floor. As comfortable as this simple jersey dress is, it is not particularly flattering, or at least I don’t think it is with this tank, even though I got compliments on it throughout the work day. The fact that my shoes and my manicure are completely mismatched adds to the shittiness of it all. Although, I do want to say that I really love the Channel inspired square in square look. It’s also crazy easy to do.

Red Tank from Macy’s
Stripey Dress from Macy’s
Shoes are Vans

Square in square manicure inspired by this post from www.lovemaegan.com