What I Wore: Purple and Sore

There’s only one picture today because that’s honestly all I could do. Whenever I’m stressed, the most reliable indicator is my physical health. I’ll feel fine in my head, but my body is loosing it’s shit. I feel horrible, everything hurts and I have no idea how to deal with it. Exercise or don’t, sleep or don’t, eat what’s best or eat what I crave, I’m still a mess because the original stressors persist. I need to learn how to leave work at work and stop comparing myself to other people. I also need to learn how to say no right in front of something without waiting for it to become overwhelming so I quit in the middle of it and feel totally guilt-ridden.


I also need to go to the dermatologist, because in addition to the normal stress issues (stomach, sinus, joints, eyes, eyelash loss, lack of coordination) my lips have swelled to about twice their normal size, and are not attractive at all right now. It also hurts pretty bad.


Wondering why and how I came to be such a complete spastic mess only makes me more stressed out on top of it all.



Shirt from a thrift store
Undershirt from The Gap
Skirt from Target
Shoes are Birkenstock (not pictured)