What I Wore: Photoshoot

So, I totally didn’t realize that I have only one crappy full body shot of this outfit until right now. So I guess it’s just a study of my tired, adorable mug. OH WELL!







Hat is from Many Hands Trading Company in Corvalis, Or
Scarf is a handmade gift from Ben’s sister
Necklace is a handmade gift from Ben’s mother (his whole family is adorable!)
Jacket is from Talbot’s via The Salvation Army (I know they’re bigots, but I used to steal from them in high school, so to make up for that I shop there now. Also, they seem to always have the best stuff. Hatred must attract cute clothes.)
Long sleeved blue shirt is Mountain Hardware from REI (and is amazingly comfy and warm, BTW)
Dress is from Forever 21
Belt is from Target
Polka-Dot under skirt is from the thrift store
Leggings are from Target (only $8!)
Socks are from Target
Shoes are from Vans