What I Wore: Neverending Scarf

If I don’t look as friendly as usual here it’s because it is the late end to a long and mostly stressful day. Today I worked on some design work, which is my absolute favorite thing right now. But I felt so buried by the avalanche of other things I had to get done that I let work I didn’t like go out just because I knew I didn’t have the time to do it right. And things that should have been done today are sitting in my hard drive unfinished because I didn’t have the heart to send it off. Nothing’s overdue, but my slowness is bothering me.





Neverending scarf knitted by me
Grey cable-knit sweater from Target
Maroon sweater vest from Target
Black T from The Gap
Pencil skirt by Style & Co. from Macy’s
Leg warmers from Target
Grey ankle socks from Target (in the dollar sock bin!)
Shoes are Merrells from R.E.I.


And speaking of The Gap, I know it’s been said everywhere on the Internet, but I hate their new logo! Their rep claims that this is a sign of a new beginning for them. Does that mean that they’re finally going to start carrying size 18 in the store? I figure if they let that uggo of a logo hang around, why not a fat fatty like myself?


Don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about? Click here.