What I Wore: Hulk Sulk

Hey guys, it’s been a terrible, gray bitchy day today. For some reason that prompted me to write several love notes to my boyfriend. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, I was done with their shit.


Anyway, I noticed that a lot of the pieces I use in my outfits over and over for came from thrift stores, and I also realized that I had considered myself too busy to go thrifting for a really long time. So last Saturday I hit the Salvation Army and came away with a nice little score for $25 bucks. So expect that some new thrift store finds will probably be showing up in my posts.


Ignore the expression, I’m just sulking about how late it is.



I bought these shoes with some money my Dad gave me for Easter in 10th grade. Best $60 I ever spent on clothes. Right here I am saying “Ben, make sure you get my shoes.”




Kerchief from the Salvation Army (new)
Sea foam green linen hoody from the Salvation Army (new)
Undershirt from The Gap
Skirt from Ross
Tights from Target
Doc Martin boots bought second hand at a small punk supply store in Glendora, Ca that no longer exists.