What I Wore: Grumpy Old Gran

So this weekend was filled with lots and lots of activity. Grandma continues to be good. Ben and I went and visited her on Saturday. She was uncomfortable, and really tired. Every time she fell asleep, something beeped, or somebody came in and woke her up. I guess exhaustion makes my grandma a little bit xenophobic. Her nurse was a very nice older lady with an accent, and while she was explaining something to her, grandma turned to me and said “I don’t understand why they can’t get anybody who speaks English in this place.” I felt terrible for the poor nurse who was doing everything. I should have apologized when we left, but she looked busy, so I just thanked her. Lots of other stuff happened, this was a long weekend preceded by an even longer week. I had a lot of fun, but I’m actually a little glad to be going back to work.

Green polo shirt from the thrift store
Tan Skirt from Torrid
Merrell slip ons from REI