What I Wore: Fuck You Towel



I bought this dress yesterday at Forever 21. I hadn’t been in a Forever 21 since it was a shitty strip mall store that sold booty shorts and hoop earrings. I honestly hadn’t thought about the brand in years, but then all these cute outfits started popping up all over real life and the Internet, all from Forever 21. I especially took note of their fat girl clothing line, Faith 21.


So while I was at the mall waiting for my car to get an oil change, I stopped into Forever 21 and picked up this sweet dress, some 95 cent socks and a pair of ridiculous heels I will never ever be able to walk in. I got out of there for under $50.



It has pockets!




Necklace from Lohman’s
Dress from Forever 21/Faith 21
V-neck shirt from The Gap
Skirt from Target via The Salvation Army
Socks from Forever 21
Shoes are handed down Doc Martins