What I Wore: Dr. Plum

This would have been the outfit that I wore yesterday, but yesterday I worked from home and didn’t take off my PJs the whole day. And yes, that means that I would have been wearing purple on gay spirit day, which I know does absolutely zylch to affect real change for the queers it purports to assist, and instead it is used to assuage the liberal guilt of gender-normative straight people who you’re not going to find sticking their neck out for their queer friends and family members when it really matters, but here they are when there’s no consequence for wearing purple. However, I’m not one to be left out, and it’s an excuse to wear purple.






Close up on my awesome socks


Scarf was a birthday present from Ben’s mom
Purple Indian-style shirt from Salvation Army (new)
Undershirt from Target
Skirt from a Sibling Revalry in Corvalis, Oregon
Underskirt (not pictured) from Target
Smartwool Socks are a Christmas present from Ben’s mom
Doc Martins are handed down from my friend Cheryl .


I went to the doctor today for my annual check up. I got a combo whooping cough and tetanus shot since there’s apparently whooping cough going around, and I walk barefoot in the mornings so in case I step on something, I’ll be alright. There’s where the nurse stuck me.