What I Wore: Deadhead Earth-Mama

I got the title for this post from my co-worker who told me “I like this new-age deadhead earth-mama thing you’ve got going on here.”





Showing off my footwear


The Jewlery

These earrings are made of Tibetan prayer bells I got in Oregon last Christmas. I bought them for $0.50 each, then Ben and I walked down to the bead shop and the nice ladies that work there sold me some clasps for $1.00 each. They even attached the bells to the clasps for me.



If you hadn’t guessed by my regular pattern of wearing two of everything, this skirt is actually two skirts.


Wrap-around skirts were on sale for $15 each at a little hand craft store by my grandma’s house this weekend, and I love a wrap-around skirt. If I was only allowed one kind of skirt for the rest of my life, it would wrap around. The only problem is that every wrap-around skirt I find doesn’t wrap around enough of me to account for common decency, but since they were $15 each, I just bought two and wrapped them such that the parts of the two skirts were on opposite sides of my body so that the most anybody would see was a piece of the other skirt. This made for a fuller, more flowey skirt, which I always enjoy.


Pocket T from the Gap
Belt from Target
Skirts from a Tibetan craft store a little North of Colorado, across from Parson’s in Old Town Pasadena, CA
Birkenstocks from a store in Orange County
Anklet is made by me out of hemp and glass beads
Earrings, see above
Necklace is another Oregon Find, bought in components and assembled in Newport, OR by Ben’s mom.

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