What I Wore: Buttons and Baubles

I have a stain on my shirt, because I am a mess and I cannot control myself. I’ve actually been kind of down on myself lately for how incompetent I am at being even the slightest bit graceful or delicate. I am constantly slamming my hands and fingers in things, stubbing my toes, tripping over my own feet, spilling, catching and ripping my clothes and jewelry on everything available. Tonight while I was getting gas, I got my necklace stuck to the clasp on my wallet. Who does that?!

But I know what this means. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and haven’t been getting enough sleep. As oafish as I usually am, when I’m this bad, it’s a clear sign that I need to slow down and take care of myself. So I’ll just put ‘self care’ on the long list of things I have to do right now.









Earrings from Kohl’s
Olive shirt from Target
Slate long-sleeved shirt from Target
Owl watch locket is a gift from Ben
Bauble necklace is handmade by me
Turquoise wrap bracelet is from Curious… in Hermosa Beach, Ca
Brown and white wrap bracelet is handmade by me
Maroon wrap-around skirt from a Tibetan shop
Tan underskirt from Target
Houndstooth Converse from a thrift store