What I Wore: Brown Sun Dress

We only got one good picture today, so I’m including the video Ben made to test out his phone’s camcorder abilities. Please ignore my face, I’m concentrating very hard on making my butt movements match my hand movements and not doing a very good job.




Sundress from Ross
Underskirt from Target
Shoes (not picturesd) are Merrells from REI
Earrings from Kohls


A word about my tits: I am wearing a strapless bra from Lane Bryant that I consider to be the best thing my boobs have seen since Ben. Say what you will about their clothes (in my humble opinion they’re overpriced and frequently dowdy), but the bras at Lane Bryant are basically the best thing ever. I’ll never buy a bra at any other shop.

2 Replies to “What I Wore: Brown Sun Dress

  1. I love this dress. On you I mean. I never look good in anything that has flowers on it. But you look flat out gorgeous.

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