What God is really trying to say

I have to regester, but somehow, online registration is presenting much more of a problem than it should. It’s really really frustrating

I’ve been trying to redraw the scac logo, but either way the modifications make it look kinda stupid. Take that back, really stupid. People just shoulda stuck with the human heart, and none of this heart symbol bullshit, but that’s my fault, I said I’d draw another option. Why must I be so agreeable?!

Thought of something I’d like to hear a movie villan say. “God gave you cancer for a reason, cant you take a hint?”. I’m not at all sure where this would be applicable, maybe a walk for the cure type thing, or directed at a skinhead.

Thinking about moving to livejournal, not sure.

Cant wait to get home…. the best place on earth, ever.