What Do Gamers Want?

Last weekend Ben and I went to the Beach and recorded some video for you guys. I asked what it is GearedforGamers readers wanted to be asked. The face of gaming is changing. According the the ESA the average American household has at least one dedicated gaming device (console, PC or smartphone) in it, and the average gamer is 30. As evidenced by all the time we’ve been spending discussing the state of gaming, the community is changing and growing. Our boarders are being redefined, do smartphone or facebook gamers really count as gamers? What does a gamer really look like, and is this how we should look, or should it be different? There are a lot of questions being asked by gaming journalists, but are these the questions you want us to ask? I said in the video that the best question will get a mention in my next column, but I’m saying right now that the best question gets the whole next column dedicated to it.