We’re Good

It’s 8:51. I’m using the wireless internet outside my job. I have to be in there in nine more minutes. I hate this job, but right now there are wild parrots playing and sqawking at each other in the magnolia tree behind me. My women in podcasting page (http://www.benspants.com/podcast/?page_id=94) is doing awesome. Hopefully we’re going to be moving it to a more intelligible web address soon. People e-mail me everyday about the page. I’m so stoked that this might actually be working!

I have a job interview on friday for one of my many and varied dream jobs. It looks like they love me and I’m hoping that the only requirements during the interview are that I’m not a mutant, because I’ve been trying to get this job, or a similar job for years now.

Well, into the job I needed in order to go to college and that I’ll be dropping now that I’m a graduate.