Wednesday, April 22

What did I do right today?

I took it easy in the morning because I had trouble sleeping last night.

I got all my relevant work done.

Then, when my work was done, I cleaned the house.

It took me tripping over my own feet and twisting both my ankles and having to shuffle home after an ill-fated attempt to walk the dog, but I finally sat my ass on the couch and played video games the rest of the day.

What could I do differently?

I didn’t eat a granola bar for lunch, but I did eat a yogurt cup and Captain Crunch, so not much better on the lunch front.

Today’s fall marks the third such incident in two weeks. I’d really like that to stop. I have a feeling good nutrition would be a factor in having better balance and coordination.

What would different look like?

If I’d eaten a good lunch, I probably wouldn’t have fallen, and I could have come home and played video games after a nice relaxing walk.

My ankles probably wouldn’t hurt right now.

How will I work toward my goal?

Focus on the mid-day meal. The yogurt was a good start, the Captain Crunch a total disaster, but I really need to add some protein.

Despite the fact that I laid on the couch and played Alpha Protocol all evening, I am completely exhausted, probably because it’s 11:30 and all I’ve eaten since “lunch” is popcorn.

Ben’s doctor put him on a new diet, and since Ben is our cook, I eat what he eats. The first week, I was hungry all the time. Now I’m not hungry, provided that he makes the food. When he doesn’t make the food, I’m at a total loss for what to feed myself because everything I would previously use to cook with like bread, store tortillas, and cheese isn’t in our house anymore. We have a little cheese, but he uses it more like a garnish than anything.

Today was my fault, he did leave me some chili in the fridge, but I refused to re-heat it. I honestly don’t know why.