We Had A Better Day

The dog seems to be better today. There was very minimal shrieking, and most of that happened in the morning. She’s even starting to do some of her old acrobatics, like jumping up on everything, which is totally nerve wracking. She still moves cautiously, but I’m confident that she’s getting better.

I am still feeling like shit, but the good news is, I’ve decided to ignore it. I felt like shit yesterday, and after we came home from the vet, all I did was nap and lie around on the couch. In exchange for my efforts, I went to bed feeling like shit and I woke up feeling like shit.

Every once in awhile I have to sit down because the room gets too spinny, but that’s whatever. I actually feel better tonight than I did last night, so obviously ignoring my feelings was the right course of action. At least in this instance.

Why, oh why can’t it be in every instance? I’d be so much better at life if that were the case.

Anyway, owing to my continued physical suffering, this is all the blog you get for now. I blew my picture load yesterday. So just imagine some of those cute dog pics over here.

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