So it’s been a really really long time since I’ve updated my journal.

I’ve got a myspace but I never post on it either.

I still got no place to live. My friend David says that a guy he used to know would rent office space for $175 a month utilities included and live in that, which would be cool, but the prices have probably gone up since the eighties or whatever.

I’ve had two weeks off work and school, so I’ve been bumming around at Bens, he’s just about the only person I see these days who isn’t someone I’m seeing because I have to see them, or because we were in the same place at the same time and decided to get coffee or something afterwards. That’s kind of sad. Whatever.

My Christmas and New years were allright. I didn’t have a big either one, but they were nice. The new year rolled over while me and David and Tim were hanging outside of Harbor House Cafe in Seal Beach talking. We’re there every Friday coz we always seem to run into each other at the same place at the same time. I run into a lot of people like that, so I suppose it’s unfair to suggest that Ben’s my only friend.

Well, life’s still good, even if I got no home… it’ll work out. I know somebody who might get me a new pair of chillin shoes, which is more than I asked for. If you wanna see the shoes they’re at I suggest you all check them out, they’re well priced and super stylin’.

Also, if anybody like Nashville Pussy or the Hunns, let me take this opportunity to brag just a little bit… Corey Parks’ son, Clash was born the day before thanksgiving, and I have heard from a pretty reliable source that the jumpers and blanket I was commissioned to make him are her favorite baby clothes… yes, bask in my awesomeness. [I totally feel like a yuppy idiot bragging about my celebrity clientele, but I’m proud of myself, so fuck off all those who question my hardcore-ity]