Twitter Tells Me: Planes and Clothes

Tuttle88 asks: why is my plane running late. That’s all I want to know

A lot of people don’t know this, but planes suffer from workplace stress just like anybody else. Every single day, dragged out of the hanger, or across the tarmac after a bitterly cold night spent racing along the clouds across Serbia, Russia, the Arctic and Canada, only to be stuffed with people, germs and crying babies and flown back across the planet over and over with no respite can make a plane want to blow a gasket. So sometimes they do. And then you have to wait for another plane to take your original plane’s place. Because everybody knows you can’t fly with a broken gasket.

Then ApparentlyMary asked for “more ‘what you wore’ stuff!”

Since I’m at work, I don’t have access to a camera, but I have been contemplating restarting the What I Wore section of the blog. Especially since the weather is changing so my wardrobe is changing to match that.

Anyway, I just was looking through flickr and found a set I don’t think I put up before, so here for your viewing pleasure, is the lost outfit post. As a bonus, you can totally see some of our totally messy house in the background for these

Maroon shirt: Target
Green long sleeved v-neck: The Gap
Blue pinstripe skirt: Target
Maroon underskirt: 2nd Tibetan Shop in Old Town Pasadena
Socks: Patagonia
Shoes: PF Flyers
Necklaces: Handmade by me
Ring: Kohls
Batman Watch: Christmas Gift

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  1. Hmmm, fair point. But the plane could have picked another day to chuck a sickie, 2nrs in Adelaide Airport, 2hrs on flight one 4hrs in Sydney, 9hrs on flight two then a delay in Hawaii before flight 3 of 6hrs was a bit trying.

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