Twitter Tells Me: Cable TV

@thenoid13 asked about “the undeniable decline of cable TV”

Was Cable TV ever good? I mean, really? Was any TV ever good in comparison to the undeniable glory of real life? Television was created for bored middle class breeders to have something to do between the time the kids went to sleep and the time they went to sleep… something that wouldn’t make more hungry brats to put to sleep every night.

Now television is the thing we’re doing before we have to go to work, before we gorge ourselves on more processed food and the thing we fall asleep in front of while our bodies put on unnecessary weight and develop blood sugar imbalances beneath us.

Far be it for me to point fingers at fatties, but TV is keeping us from real living. Not that other forms of entertainment don’t, just that TV has reached a glorious excess that can not sustain it’s own mass. Of course cable especially is crap, it went from 10 extra channels to 30 to 300 in only a couple of decades. Just like our own ever expanding waste-lines, a lot of filler goes into creating that kind of volume. And this kind of filler doesn’t even taste good the first time.