Try and Tear Me Down

So, bad planned parenthood birth controll gives me morning sickness, and not just once a month as we had previously suspected. I’m not sure what to do coz the effects of not taking the pill are painful and pass-outy, and usually involve no small ammount of puking as well, but at lest I know when that’s comming, and can take lots-o-ibprofen in self defence. Self defence against my own uterus, Ha ha.

For now, though, it’s fun to register the funny look my boss gives me whenever I go staggering past his desk on the way to the bathroom. Whatever he’s thinking is going on, it’s probably hilarious.

I had that dream again where the government sends me telepathic messages through my alarm clock, only this time my laptop was in on it too. I’m not sure what this means, probably just that I didn’t have a laptop last time I had the dream.

Hopefully I can see Margaret Cho when she comes to Long Beach, that would be awesome. Katy and I are thinking about getting tickets. Kate, if you’re reading this, we should tell Tyler… who’s probably reading this too. Whatever.

Time to sleep. As for you two, I’m hip to you’re laptop-alarm clock conspiracy to drive me crazy and elope, and fucked if you’re going anywhere.