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And then nobody answered me.

Until The CTSM did:

mon·ey shot (noun, informal): A scene in a pornographic movie in which an actor ejaculates.

I’m actually really not into money shots at all, so I honestly couldn’t name a single one. Maybe it’s because I myself don’t usually ejaculate, but I just have such a hard time caring about it when porn actors do it. Given the choice between face or cock, I’d rather watch an actors face when they cum.

I wonder what the demographics of a face vs. cock poll would be. My immediate assumption is that the majority of women would choose the face while a majority of dudes would choose the cock, regardless of sexual orientation. But then I was thinking that maybe I’m breaking it down wrong, and actually it’s the experience of penile ejaculation that inspires this obsession with the money shot.

Would a majority of transgender people vote the same way as their cisgender counterparts, or would they vote the opposite?

What we have here, dear reader, is an opportunity to know a little more about the world on this day than we knew the day before. In the interest of community, solidarity, and sexology I think we all deserve to know the impetus for the popularity of the money shot in porn. Is it being a dude, or having an experience of ejaculation? Because I ask the tough questions.

I beseech my readers, tell me in the comments, or via private message which “money shot” you prefer: cock or face? FOR SCIENCE.

*Ben has pointed out that my face vs cock poll may be suffering from male-attracted bias. But it’s nearing 1 am and I can’t really understand him.

UPDATE: It’s the morning, and all I can say is that I know there are several problems with my argument, but I still want to know: face or cock?

FURTHER UPDATE: My research has led me to conclude that the majority of people prefer the money shot, or at most a wide angle with both face and cock in picture. This opinion seems to be regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Probably why they’re so popular.

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  1. I would much rather see the cock shot, to be honest. In fact, I prefer not to see the guys face much at all, because I will lose my interest if the guy isn’t attractive, which they usually aren’t. I certainly don’t want to see an ugly dudes “o” face.

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