Too Tired.

Can’t blog further.

Must remember that when I quote a rate on a job I should at least glance at the fucking project before I spout off on what I can and can’t deliver.

I have so much to do. Which is great and everything. Yay and stuff. But Jesus fucking Christ I’m fucking exhausted.

Believe me when I say that it’r really nice to be busy again, as opposed to forcing myself to sit behind this desk without purpose. That’s great.

But I woke up at 6:30 after four hours of sleep. My first meeting of the day started at 8am, and my last one ended at 8pm, which was then followed by three hours of work I am only doing because I’m a fucking moron who completely underestimated the man hours.

Does anybody want to help me clean my house tomorrow morning? I have people coming over and it just can’t be what it is.

I tried to hire a Task Rabbit person to help me, but apparently Task Rabbit people need to be booked 4 days ahead of time. Which feels like it defeats the purpose of the whole thing. But whatever.