This Secular House

I am so happy to announce that you are reading the blog of one of the newest contributors to!

SecularWomanLogoTransparentShadowToday marks the official launch of the new site with regular contributors like myself. Since I’m writing this the night before, a lot of stuff isn’t live yet, but I’ll be updating this page throughout the day of the launch in order to help pub my new blog away from blog. Be sure to check out my fellow secular women friends as we have day one content that you need in your eyeballs immediately.

I’ve long identified as an atheist, or more frequently a bad atheist, since I have a lot of problems with the way the community seems to be portrayed in the media, and even the manner in which our so-called spokespeople conduct themselves, and now I have a chance to lend my voice to the discussion in a new way. Hopefully I’ll be able to be a positive addition to the community. I know you guys know about my big mouth, so I’m going to work to use it to speak truth to power, rather than just talking shit. Which, as you know, is what I usually do.

Here’s the list of other talented writers I’ll be working with