Things to Do While My Boyfriend’s Away 2

Ben’s going away for two weeks starting today (Thursday), so I have to make a new Things to Do list that will replace the list I made back in May 2012.

  • Eat Chinese food: I have been on a Chinese food kick lately and Ben never wants to eat it.
  • Go to the movies: On the list second time running, a popular favorite. Like I said before, Film school ruined movies for Ben. I have had no such PTSD. I love practically all movies. Especially the bad ones. So I’ll be having a bad movie marathon. For two weeks straight.
  • Go kayaking: Ben is afraid of Kayaks.
  • Eat tomatoes: Ben hates tomatoes
  • Work: I am more than a little bit hoping that I throw myself into work and make tons of money and new clients while Ben’s gone.
  • Get tons of exercise: Giving the dog both her morning and afternoon walks is going to be twice as much work as usual.
  • Discover new depths of personal depravity: I mean, think of how bad I am now, when he’s still here.
  • Pack his side of the bed with pillows and break out the white noise app on my phone: That’s more of a necessity than an option if I want to get any sleep.