The Theme is Chill Pill

First of all, click on this link and gaze on the beauty that is this central coast ocean livecam. Unless of course the sun hasn’t risen in Cali yet, then you may have to wait a little. I kept sneaking looks at this all day and it really helped me calm down.

Second of all, the other day my friend decided to buy me a massage since she knows I’d never buy one for myself. I guess that wasn’t really a “second of all” kind of comment, but I’d already said “first of all,” and it’s late and I’m tired and that’s really all I have right now.

At least someone’s having a good time.

I don’t know who these people are, but I just saw this picture on Reddit, and can I say that I quite enjoy the turn men’s fashion is taking? Those boys are simply fetching.

Oh, and The Hate Report is still looking for hateful shit to post. Don’t hold back, y’all.

Also, click on this thing right now to be transported into a world of wonder! (For real.)

2 Replies to “The Theme is Chill Pill

  1. Dude on the left is a grown and sexy Zac Efron. Dude on the right is Dave Franco. I would fuck their brains out, individually or together. Damn they look good.

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