Jake and Jessica – The Annihilator is Dead

This morning at 2 am I was wide awake. Not only for the usual reasons, but also because I felt terrible about killing that cat and leaving that poor stupid bro all alone in this world. So, I wrote this. More for myself than anybody else. 

Chapter 1 – The Annihilator (NSFW -Explicit sex)

Chapter 2 – The Annihilator is Dead

Jessica woke up with her cell phone stuck to her face. She’d almost forgotten Jake’s call. Guilt washed over her and then she wished that she really had forgotten it.

Steeling her resolve, she reached for the pipe and bag of weed on her bedside table. She dialed Jake and then held the phone with her shoulder as she packed her morning bowl.

“What” Jake answered.

“Um… hey.” She said, “I feel bad about hanging up on you last night.. “

“Annihilator’s dead.” Jake said.


“Yeah” He answered. “What are you doing today?”

“I’m about to smoke, you wanna come over?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Jake answered and hung up.

Jes contemplated her pipe. She could wait for Jake, or smoke this for herself and pack the next one for Jake. After a second, she decided that in order to be strong for her bro, she would take the bullet and get baked enough to handle their upcoming conversation.

“Do you need a hug or something?” she asked, opening the door.

She was completely surprised when Jake collapsed into her arms, crying.


What does a person do in a time like this? The only other time they’d hugged was when she came out to him. And he’d initiated that hug as well. Who knew Jake was such a woman. She smiled at the irony.

“Okay, fuck you.” Jake said

“Wait, what?” Jes said as he pulled away.

“Look” Jake said. “My cat is fucking dead, and I just realized that I have nobody in my life that would give a shit. I came over here because I thought we were bros, but you’re fucking laughing. I can’t handle this right now.”

“Shit!” Jes said as she followed him onto the lawn. “I’m really high!” she yelled after him.

Jake stopped and turned around. “Are you fucking kidding me?” He hung his head. “This is what I was talking about last night.”

“Am I kidding you?” Jessica stomped towards him. “You fucking cancelled our game night, the first one we’ve had since before God damn Tiffany for ‘the best sex of your life’ and then had the ridiculous balls to call me and tell me it made you sad?!”

“Yeah.” Jake said, slightly cowed. “When you put it like that…”

“You were there for me when I needed you, and your cat is fucking dead, I’m trying to support you here. But you only fucking call me when you’re not knee deep in pussy.”

Jake looked dejected

“A condition” Jessica continued “that I would give my left tit for. Believe me.”

“I know how important that is to you” Jake said.

“Come back inside” Jes said.

“You got more weed?” Jake asked?

“I already packed a bowl for you, dude.”

“You’re the best, Jes.”

Chapter 3 – It Was a Good Day
Chapter 4 – The Jake Must Go On
Chapter 5 – A Daring Rescue
Chapter 6 – Sweet Brothings (NSFW -Explicit sex)
Chapter 7 – Girl Talk

JakeandJessica_vol1_minicover Dear Reader,

Due to your amazing support for Jake and Jessica, I have been able to publish Volume 1 on Amazon. Chapters 1-6 are available for $1.49.

At that price, I make about $0.50 a book. I’ve set the price more than a dollar lower than Amazon suggested because I want the story to stay as accessible as possible in all its formats.

You can still read the entire story absolutely free on the blog, and I have no intention of changing that ever. But if you want a more portable, searchable, note-able format, it’s available to you on Amazon. I’ve also made it lend-able, so you can lend it to your friends.

Even if you don’t intend to buy the book, I’d appreciate it if you could go and give me a favorable review so that more people can find it.

Thank you again for your constant encouragement and good will. You guys are awesome.

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